Flagship Frames

Flagship Frames


Be Soul Good's Flagship product: our versatile frames have numerous features and benefits including: 

Holds 5" x 7"

New Greeting Cards

Repurposed & Recycled Greeting Cards


Decorative Inserts

Use & Display

Double Sided

Horizontal or Vertical

Stand Up or Hang 

Dimensions: 6 3/8"w x 8 1/4" l

Handmade, Repurposed Wood with Milk paint non toxic finish 
Care: Wipe with damp rag and mild cleaning solution

Insert is not included with frame**

***The goodness of our handmade, repurposed, recycled and upcycled approach to our product line can make each item vary and very unique. 

20% of Sales from Flagship Frames are Reserved for our Do Good Initiative 

**Frame Colors are in order from first to last**

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