Causes We Are Passionate About

We are always looking for Non Profits and Organizations filled with Humans Having Impact. If you would like to refer a potential cause, please use the Contact section to send us information. We thrive on learning about organizations we can partner with to support. 


The Production Farm, INc. #GROWTHEFARM

Combining the inventiveness of independent film making and the resourcefulness of farm work to help teens grow into healthy, innovative, responsible adults. Last year over 23,000 youth aged out of the us foster care system without the emotional and financial support necessary to succeed. Founded by two Wisconsin natives; Carolyn Kuether, grand daughter of John and Jan Gillespie (Founders alongside Bart Starr of Rawhide boys ranch) and Wyatt Kuether (of MTV2, MTV, comedy centrals guy code). after 10 years in New York City. They are bringing what they HAVE learned back to their home state and living their passion. Carolyn, Wyatt, and the Production Farm are soul good!

Be.Soul.Good Giveback : Support growing the farm with funds for school, office, studio, kitchen, house, cleaning, animals, garden, and musical supplies. Funds also contribute to youth programming needs.

Why We Chose : 10 minutes with Carolyn & Wyatt is all it took - truly humans having impact.


Joy Rising Project

In 2006 Joda Joy Wunderlich was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her stylist, Josif Wittnik of Salon CTI, knew how hard it would be for her to lose her trademark strawberry blonde hair. He immediately leapt into action and was able to provide her with a realistic hair system (wig) that was undetectable. Joda was able to focus on her treatment privately, without the worry of being asked about her illness by strangers and casual acquaintances.

After Joda went into remission she and Josif would often talk about how the hair system had helped her through the toughest time in her young life. Insurance companies rarely cover the cost of wigs for cancer patients, deeming them “cosmetic;” however anyone who has gone through chemotherapy knows they are anything but. Realistic and comfortable wigs are very expensive. Josif and Joda dreamed of finding a way to provide other cancer patients the same gift—to look and feel like themselves again.

Then one day in mid-2011 their dreams seemed suddenly achievable! Josif and Paul Melchiori of Dream Tree Distribution were on an overseas trip and happened to mention Jodaʼs story to one of their business contacts. Together they worked out a deal to bring the cost of realistic wigs down to an achievable level, specifically for donation to cancer patients. Joy Rising was born!

Be.Soul.Good Giveback : Funds used to accept more patients applying for receiving more realistic wigs during their journey.

Why We Chose : Joda's story and heart compelled us to partner with Joy Rising Project. With such a personal mission and tie we know we can help make an impact right in our own community. In 2016, Breast Cancer ended a long battle of a dear friend of the founder. Many conversations transpired about the struggle with losing hair during treatment, the lack of access to realistic wigs and the toll it takes on self esteem of the women on the journey. 



DarJune’s mission is to provide a safe and sober environment for the community to gather. Utilizing a recovery-centered philosophy and a welcoming and compassionate attitude.

We are open to everyone along as no one enters under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is a community café for all who just want to be in a sober environment.

We will offer great food, bakery items, and coffee. There will be entertainment such as bands, open mic, and karaoke.

We also have darts,pool tables, and many other games for entertainment. We do offer outside seating on a beautiful deck in the sun.

DarJune Meeting Calendar:
Sunday: AA @ 5 pm
Monday: NA @ Noon
Monday: HA @ 8 pm
Tuesday: AA (Women’s) @ 1:30 pm
Tuesday: Family Addiction Support Group (Wisconsin C.A.N) @ 6:30 pm
Wednesday: Native American Recovery @3pm
Wednesday: Women’s All Recovery Meeting @ 7pm
Thursday: ART DAY & Board Games
Friday: NA @ Noon
Saturday: LGBT (Humanist Pride Society) Saturday @ 1pm

Be.Soul.Good Giveback : Funds will be used for general operations and to support the 3 Programs offered at DarJune: Humanist Pride Society (LGBTQ), Family Addiction Support and Circles of Recovery. 

Why We Chose : Addiction and Recovery affects every human being in one way or another. For Be Soul Good, this one hits home very personally as several family members and friends of the founder have struggled with Alcohol and Drug Abuse.