Be a Better Human Being

What does it mean to Be a Better Human Being?

It means small steps. It means making a commitment to change. It means being and doing better than you did yesterday and last week and last year.  It means many different things to different people.

At Be.Soul.Good we wanted to hear what it meant to some of the humans we know and love. We gathered some of the best people we know and asked them some questions and we LOVED their answers.  The overall theme was to just be kind. Better human beings practice kindness and are aware of how they make others feel. That is the simple part.

Take a few minutes and view our Be a Better Human Being video project to hear what Be a Better Human Being means to some of our favorite people.


We have so many more ideas and thoughts on how to Be a Better Human Being. And it starts with each of us individually. It might have started yesterday and can certainly start tomorrow.

Here are some simple things that you can do to make a difference and solidify your commitment to Be a Better Human Being:

1.     Collect Box Tops for Education and donate to your local school (Needed now more than ever!)

2.     Spend time picking up litter and beautifying your community

3.     Give someone a sincere compliment

4.     Write a Thank You Note just because

5.     Leave a generous tip and uplifting note for good service

6.     Spend time on

7.     Hold the door open for someone or everyone as often as you can

8.     Link your Amazon account to a Non-Profit you are passionate about through Amazon Smile

9.     Share/Promote someone’s business or cause on social media

10.  Donate toiletries to your local homeless shelter (Check their website for their list of needs)

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