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The Why


I have a TON of issues and a TON of empathy. It's no doubt these two go hand in hand. Issues give us insight into other human beings and the struggles they face. Issues give us the opportunity to learn navigation, skills, survival and coping techniques. How do we know what it's like being poor if we've never been? How can we relate to the feeling of rejection, discrimination or loss if we haven't lived through it? How can we argue or have an opinion about something if we haven't lived both sides? How can we learn and understand forgiveness if we have never had to forgive or be forgiven? 

With the current state of what our country and world is going through, I find myself scrolling through the list of issues and challenges I have had in my life (some self-induced, some bad luck, some product of circumstance and survival) and let me say, I wouldn't trade a one of them. They have shaped who I am, who my children are, my work ethic, my morals, values and belief system, who my circle of friends and influence are and ultimately how I proceed in my day to day life. These issues have led me to exactly who I am today and my desire to embark on a next great contribution. 

I am a child of divorce. I was raised by a single mother. I am a daughter of a parent who struggles with addiction. I suffer from mental illness. I was a teen mother. I am a Domestic Abuse survivor. My Mother passed away unexpectedly from Cervical Cancer at 67 years old.. I have buried friends as the result of Breast Cancer. I have buried friends as the result of suicide. I have been impacted by parental infidelity, parental alienation,  poverty, being bullied, instability in my home life. I have been homeless, arrested, bankrupt, ticketed, shunned, lied to, abused, been left out, been lost, am a college drop out and have been discriminated against. Within my family, I am the youngest of one parent, the oldest of another and the only and middle of my biological parents. I have been divorced, had failed business ventures, suffered miscarriages, broke bones, have gotten fired, lost pets, lost jobs and have literally questioned my sanity.  

On the flip side, I am one of the luckiest, most blessed human beings on earth. I had a crazy interesting, amazing Mother. I am married to a partner who is funny, supportive, kind and happy. The group of friends that I have surrounded myself with have stood the test of time and have become family. I have had some of the greatest life and business mentors in the world. Many people believe in me, have helped me, stood by my side and shown loyalty. I have had some of the best bosses and co-workers. I have access to education, technology, opportunity and choices. I have three Pugs who fill my home with fodder and laughter and love. I am healthy and strong. My children have grown to be good human beings filled with curiosity, empathy and fight.

As you can see, I have a good life. 

Those things have given me the ability to see inside other human beings with a huge amount of empathy and the desire to help. To give. To educate. To coach and develop. To donate. To support. 

There has always been an internal struggle and imbalance. There is truth in something not being quite right when you are not living your passion. A push-pull type feeling where you know you are doing well but not doing "good". This for me came to fruition about three years ago. I had reached my highest level of success in my life. I was on top of my professional career earning over six figures, earning prizes and trips. Money in the bank. Bills paid. I had checked everything off my dream board. And yet, I was restless and in personal turmoil. Enter the Astrologer. With very little information about me or my personal life, he shared with me that I was living my old life in this life. That I was bypassing my true calling and purpose this time around. My ego was winning. He shared that until I worked through and started feeding my nurturing nature, that the struggle was going to continue.

None of this surprised me. My bio Dad was a self- made millionaire. He was the real life Willie Loman. He was the Salesman of all Salesmen. He would sell anything that someone was willing to pay for. My Mother on the other hand lived a life of service. She dedicated years to teaching and then the greater part of her life to working for Non-Profits. She wanted to fix people and fix problems. She had an enormous amount of empathy. 

So there you see is the constant internal struggle. 

Be.Soul.Good. for me, is the best of both worlds. It's the hustle of business and sales but with the benefit to serving Non-Profits and helping to fix issues and problems and people. It is the opportunity to educate individuals on the issues people face each and every single day. It was a light bulb moment when the two ideas clicked. 

Through events, education and e-commerce, we hope to engage individuals in not just giving, but learning about the causes, charities, non-profits, do-gooders, givers and opportunities to make an impact.  

We have big goals and dreams for Be.Soul.Good. and they include you. For now, you can contribute by reading our blog, purchasing items through our shop which give money to organizations fighting these issues. You can reach out and share your stories, invites and ideas through the contact us link. You can practice kindness and giving on a day to day basis. You can educate yourself on issues and you can stay tuned for the bigger things yet to come!